Sunday, July 11, 2010

When there is more quilt than space

I have to say that one of the most useful quilt class I have taken is a class by Sue Patten.  She tells of opening her quilting business by offering to quilt all her guild's quilts.  Some were less than perfect but she was able to quilt out the extra bult by just quilting. 

Now, I have never been a quilt snob as some are.  I don't have a list of things you can't have in your quilt in order for me to quilt it.  I don't audition my piecers in order to quilt for them.  I'm happy go lucky and truthfully, I started longarming because I didn't want anyone scrutinizing my piecing ability........

Here is a quilt that had a little extra... But turned out great!
I used the quilting a rose tutorial on youtube to do the rose buds and then did leaves in the other areas of the block.

Feather and vines in two borders (going in different directions, so we wouldn't get caught up in the direction) and wavy lines in the other border.  There were polka dots in that border so I didn't want to do straight lines in case the dots weren't straight.  And I needed to take up some bulk. 

Again, this was a great experience.


  1. I have always loved your quilting and this one is no exception. How about sharing the link for that You Tube video on the rose. Isn't this one of Annette Ornelas (of the Mexican Star) pattern?

  2. thanks Linda, I added the link. Don't know the pattern.