Wednesday, July 7, 2010


You've heard about BeBe my special needs dogs.  Here are the other nuts in my house.  I guess in seniority, there is Chippy.  We got Chippy from the Humane Society the first summer we lived in Longmont.  Our first black cat was Rudy.  She was giving to me on my 21st birthday.  The best cat evah.....Anyhoo, what can I say about Chippy.  He's a great cat.  He doesn't meow, he grunts in a cat-like way.  He'll sleep with Sam at night and he likes to hang out in the back yard and in the garage.  This is the Chipster.

Chip likes to sleep in/on black things. 

Then there is Java.  Java is our first foray into greyhounds.  We lost my bestest buddy Delta to liver disease and after about six months we found Java.  He was a retired racer with the name Maui Breezer.  They renamed him Kona which means hawaiian princess ( not good for a boy dog).  Java was/is a great dog.  He loves people.  At the dog park, BeBe will be chasing other dogs and Java will be hanging with the people so they will pet him.  He's my hip dog.  He is always there for a pet.  He also follows me everywhere.  It gets annoying when I am cleaning house.  He'll bump into me it I stop to think.  Java loves his walks. 

By the way,  it is very difficult to photograph a flat dog.  This is a great picture.

Here is BeBe and Java sleeping together.

The Beebster is scared of people.  She'll let Ed touch her when she's been sleeping but generally she won't let anyone but me touch her.  She looks fat here but she's not.  She reminds me of Donkey in Shrek with her long  body, shorter legs and bouncy ears.

Finally, the newest addition.  Ozzy, aka, Little Cat or LC.  He's a nut.  He'll knock you down just becuase.  And I can honestly say, that since he's been around, there is no peace on the table.  Anyhoo, I had a quilt in a box, and LC had to sleep on it. 

LC is totally different from Chippy.  Short Hair, little head, different eyes.  But all in all, you really have to look and compute to figure out which cat is there. 

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  1. Those are the longest dogs I've ever seen. They are like those shallow speedbumps you see in mall parking lots. And yikes, you and BeBe are surrounded by men. Not too shabby.