Friday, July 2, 2010

New Digs

I thought about this blog today and I tried to think of the last time I wrote something.  I knew it was March 1st but I tried to make it May 1st because that would be easier to explain.  Yikes.  I can say I've been busy but probably not that busy.  So I will try to do better.  I bought a new camera for Mother's Day and I barely got it set up when a wonderful thing happened.

Here's the back story.  I gave up my sewing room last year when my son got his drum set.  He got the big room in the basement to house his drums and multiple guitars.  I took the same sized but not quite the same family/office space downstairs.  My old sewing room was long and skinny and there was alot of storage space on one end because there were no doors, etc.  The new room is the same size but there are doors and windows on all sides so I wasn't able to store my nuts for winter.  It was a rude awakening when I got everything out and I had another room filled with my 'quilting stuff'. 

At the same time as the room swap, we bought another longarm machine.  So things were tight, to say the least.  I was able to quilt but there was no piecing at all except if I went some place else.  Things were ok but I was always on the look out for a solution.  I found a couple of great places but they involved moving to  a different house.  Besides the stinky economy, I love my neighborhood.  We back to a park and a walking path and we are minutes from where we need to be. 

I got desperate in April or May and thankfully my husband found an add for an affordable commercial space.  When he finally called, it was perfect.  1050 square feet, with a big garage door and a commercial front.  Well, I've been there for a month and a half and I LOVE IT.  We have partitioned off the back third and have moved all our storage there.  Both machines fit great and I have a great sewing space.  I think that one of my friends will probably teach classes there and I have already volunteered to accept quilts for the quilt guild quilt show.  The best thing.... I finished three quilts for my family and two magazine quilts since I've been there.  I hope to finish three more this month.  So here are some pics.

This is the 2002 Milli on the 14 foot table with the Compuquilter system.  See the fabric partition that separates the storage space.

This is the 12 foot table with the 2008 Milli for the majority of the custom quilting.

Ironing and thread and dog bed, although the dogs have only been there once and they were freaked out.

There is an 8' x 8' office space that is partitioned off.  This is where the sewing machine is.

The front of the space and the cutting table and plenty of peg board space for tools and rulers. There is still alot I can do but it is definitely a bright working space.

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  1. Wow, Donna. Great new studio. I'm so jealous. I bet your creativity and productivity soar now that you have room to think.