Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Happenings

Wow, I can't believe that I haven't posted since October and it is already the 17th. I have so much to talk about so I will spend the next few days doing that. Today, I'll talk about BeBe my little black greyhound (harrassing Chippy in the picture).
Poor thing has a seizure disorder that we have been treating for nearly two years. She was having seizures about every month or two while taking phenobarbital. Generally, she would save up and have a pretty strong seizure unless I forgot to give her medicine. Well, last Wednesday night she started seizing at about 10:40 and had one about every hour or two all night. Needless to say, no one got much sleep that night. I took her to the Vet Thursday morning and they sent us home with rectal Valium. I left town for my quilt retreat soon after that, leaving BeBe home with her favorite evil man, Ed.

The seizures continued and she spent the afternoon at the Vet where she had the most violent seizure they have ever seen. That made some of the questions they asked me make more sense. They asked what she is usually doing when she has a seizure. Always when she is sleeping, and the vet was surprised and said something about seizure vs. dreaming. Let's just say, she started seizing one night while sleeping next to me and by the time I got my act together, she had scratched and bruised my all down my right side. So, their surprise at how strong her seizure was to us was a typical situation. She spent the night at the Emergency vet clinic where they started Potassium Bromide loading. When I returned home Sunday, she was acting pretty weird, but hadn't seized since Thursday night.

I took her for a follow up yesterday and she will go onto the regular dose of the potassium bromide starting tomorrow. This is a salt in solution so you have to shoot it into her mouth and it tastes bad so it is not fun for either of us. Hopefully, this will help out. She is only 4 years old so if things don't get better, it may be more humane to .... She's a great little dog but she has been barking at me all morning so we'll try to do a long walk this afternoon. But there are many quilts to do....